Today, the Arthur A. Boyle Company represents 15 premier manufacturers and has 7 employees with over 100 years of combined experience in the electrical industry.  Centrally located in Indianapolis, the key objective of the Arthur A. Boyle Company is to be the Electrical Sales Representative of choice in the state of Indiana.  We achieve this by providing our distributors and end users with the highest quality products and services in the electrical industry.  Our commitment to distributors and manufacturers is to continue to increase sales volume and profitability through our mutual efforts.  These efforts include product training, product specification, and end user calls at the contractor, industrial, and OEM markets.

About us

Founder:  Arthur Aloysius Boyle - 1969


Arthur Aloysius Boyle was born in Pittsburgh PA. After graduating from  Notre Dame University he took a position with US Steele in Indianapolis Indiana.  In 1969 he decided to go off on his own and start a Manufactures representative company, the Arthur A. Boyle Company. Today Arthur is retired but is still retained as a consultant. He has one Son and five daughters. His son "AJ" joined the company in 1990 and became the president in 2002. Arthur celebrated his 51st wedding anniversary in July 2014 with his wife Carol. Arthur and Carol stay very busy these days with their 18 grandchildren.

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The Arthur A. Boyle Company stays current with new technologies to provide quick and efficient response to our customers’ needs.  We employ high speed cable internet, a VoIP phone system, dual monitor work stations, and electronic fax/filing systems.  Each outside salesman is equipped with a laptop, tablet, and smart phone all linked to our servers.  We utilize shared services linking our offices directly to these devices which allow our salesmen immediate access to pricing and marketing tools.      





By understanding what it takes to market and sell in this ever-changing business, we recognize an investment in quality people to ensure the future success of the Arthur A. Boyle Company as well as its manufacturers.



QP1 - QUALITY PEOPLE - People dedicated to providing value along with accurate and timely service to our customers.


QP2 - QUALITY PRODUCTS – Representing quality products that are being manufactured in accordance with today’s standards and expectations of the end user.


QP3 - QUALITY PROBLEM SOLVING – The Arthur A. Boyle Company’s goal is to be error free.  You can be assured that if there is a problem, it is a top priority until it has been resolved.


QP4 - QUALITY PLAN – The Arthur A. Boyle Company’s main objectives are to increase market share and margins through selective distribution.  We achieve these objectives by coordinating joint sales efforts, training, and education.





  • NEMRA (National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Association)

  • CPMR (Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative)

  • ELI (Electric League of Indiana)

  • NECA (National Electrical Contractors Associations)

  • IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors)

  • IAEI (International Association of Electrical Inspectors)

  • SMART PROJECTS (Reed Construction Data)

  • NetData (Nemra Networking Group)

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